Country teachers rally for more pay in June, amid pay re바카라사이트view proposals

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that city schools will offer higher pay for teachers, a step forward for the city of 700,000 that has long struggled to attract teachers to stay in the profession.

De Blasio said a new salary cap was required in return for schools to give the same level of compensation to all teachers. The proposed cap would apply to all teachers in city schools, but teachers could use their existing contracts with unionized schools to pay the city’s new salary cap.

According to a statement released by the mayor’s office, schools would increase the number of teachers on the city payroll to 466,000 from the current 475,000 teachers.

“This will provide teachers with additional income to cover the costs of child care, transportation and other living expenses while improving the quality of classrooms and making them more productive,” said spokesman Brian Kelly.

The proposed raise follows a public backlash that was triggered when the city’s top elementary school teacher quit the job because the school board needed to hire more teachers.

The city education department did not immediately return a request for comment on the announcement.

Under the proposal, the union-backed Elementary Teachers Association of New York would be the chief bargaining agent for teachers and would not have an impact on the pay levels of the unionized teachers.

The department would also continue its push for teacher pay increases on Capitol Hill, where the state Assembly in 2013 passed a proposal that increased teacher salaries to 7 percent of median household income.

As of today, some 30,000 New York City teachers are represented by the union — compared to the city’s current 462,000 teachers, who make up about one third of New York City’s population.

City officials 바카라are hoping their latest step may help improve morale and help persuade more New Yorkers to stick around and work in the city’s public schools. Last week, schools, families and advocates were at a meeting to look at “우리카지노alternatives to leaving the profession,” Kelly said.

“This does help the profession,” he said.