Central victoria survives harsh fire season without a hospital and doctors

In the midst of a brutal fire season, more than half of the buildings, including several in the city’s former prison, are without roofs.

A resident of the former Maricopa County jail who spoke to The Arizona Republic on condition of anonymity said conditions at the facility are worse than previous fires, including one which caused the closure of a psychiatric ward in July.

As of mid-September, there were only two hospitals — the one inside the jail and a hospital for residents with mental health problems housed at the jail, said the resident.

The facility has at least 14,000 inmates and is not yet open for business as a prison, he said.

Many people in the jail, which was formerly the Maricopa County jail, were forced to be transferred because their permits were not approved, said a resident who attended a news conference Tuesday to announce plans for the $45 million project.

As part of the plan, residents would be moved to the Maricopa County Hospital. The hospital would eventually become a place of treatment, as would a transitional housing project in the city for homeless people.

“For the majority of people who are in this facility, when you’re in there, you’re under an abusive situation,” said Jeff Johnson, assistant director at the state Department of Corrections.

The facility in Arizona state prison, named for Maricopa County District Court Judge J. Todd Evans’ late wife, Florence, is the only one in Arizona with a roof. Other Arizona prisons were designed with fire, because many of them have no fire safety measures, Johnson said.

A fire at an Arizona correctional facility during the past three years led to a major fire in July 2015, injuring seven inmates and a hospital worker, according to state regulators. That fire destroyed at least a half-dozen buildings.

T우리카지노he former jail had been u더킹카지노nder new ownership by a company called Taconic LLC in recent months, but the new owners decided to change its name from “A-Cor-Cor” to “A-Cor-Taconic” in light of what happened at the facility, Johnson said.

The Arizona Department of Corrections did not respond to questions Tuesday about whether it would use the new name. The state agency also is not responsible for determining whetjarvees.comher a project meets fire codes or how much fire it may set.

About the only fire-safety features at the Maricopa County jail are metal gates and a door that open